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Heavenly Sword is a story of revenge and self-discovery.  The clan that guards the fabled Heavenly Sword has long held a prophecy.  It has been foretold that the clan leader would bear a son that would lead them to their rightful place in heaven.  You can imagine how disappointed they were when the beautiful Nariko was born.  You can also imagine how little faith is given her when she is entrusted with the powerful Heavenly Sword and asked to take on an invading King commanding an incredible army lead by hideous beasts.  Nariko must discover her true path and take control of the sword to defeat Bohan and his maniacal forces, but we are getting ahead of ourselves.

This story begins at the end.  Brandishing the Heavenly Sword at the peak of its power, Nariko squares off against Bohan

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As I mentioned above, the new motion capture techniques used in Heavenly Sword allowed Ninja Theory to get voice work and graphic capture in the same take.  To that end they have brought in some great voice talent to compliment Andy Serkis as King Bohan.  Steven Berkoff of Children of Dune, A Clockwork Orange, Octopussy, and Killzone fame provides the extremely odd voice for General Flying Fox

Controlling Nariko and the Heavenly Sword isn

Not too many people are aware that Heavenly Sword has been in production for a long time.  In fact, in September of 2003 the game was actually slated for the Xbox 360.  The developer began creating the game utilizing features and techniques that were beyond the capabilities of the platforms at the time Heavenly Sword can be completed in one life and in roughly 6-7 hours.  For some people, this is exactly the experience you want and the amount of time you have to spend.  For others, the game length might be an issue.  Playing through the game the first time I unlocked almost everything in the game, which is obviously a factor in the replay value.  In addition, we

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