Halo 3 Review

This is the review of Halo3 from a longtime fan of the series. I remember hosting a LAN game in my basement about a decade ago with 25 of my dearest acquaintances, and between Rainbow 6 matches and a little game called Counterstrike, we would watch game trailers. The one that wowed us the most was an upcoming Bungie game called Halo. That moment determined my eventual purchase of the Xbox and Halo. From there I waited for Halo2 at a midnight launch. With promises of Live Coop play and HD hookup, Halo 3

Halo3 picks up the pace with a much more polished look and feel from the previous iteration. It is crisp, clean and virtually free of graphical anomalies (such as missing textures or hiccups). Halo3 isn’t the graphical showcase that Gears Of War is, but since this game uses large open spaces the engine is expected to be tuned different. There are really only three topics where the game

From the soaring classical music to the familiar sounds of battle, the standard Halo fare is here, plus extras that add nicely to a complete the audio experience. The single player campaign has soldiers giving standard combat chatter, and with one of the hidden collectable skulls they alter to add dialog that is, in some cases, laugh-out-loud funny. I

What is there to say about the defacto standard controls that Halo helped to make? The point of Halo3

With all that hype, there has to be a downside, right? You

So you

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