Halo 2 Review

Let me preface this entire review by stating that Halo 2 came out on the original Xbox on November 9th, 2004.  It has been the most popular game on Xbox Live with over 4 billion total games played which equates to over 700 million hours logged. I don

Halo 2 pushed the 700Mhz Xbox to its breaking point graphically, featuring a level of detail normally reserved for a Next-Gen title.  It was clear that Bungie had worked extremely hard to fully optimize the game for the platform to take advantage of every drop of processing power.  Now, almost two and a half years later, Hired Gun studios has the unenviable task of trying to update Halo 2 to bring it to the PC crowd

Since the Xbox supported 5.1 surround sound, it seems that the Vista version of Halo 2 simply had to move the great voice work, excellent sound effects, and soundtrack-worthy music over and use it without modification. You gotta love it when your job is done for you. 

As before, all of the sound effects are crisp and the music is rousing.  The battle themes make you want to jump out there and kick ass and the more serene themes help support the quieter moments between battles.  Vehicles on both sides roar and screech as they tear through the battlefield.  While the Vista version doesn

What irks me most about console to PC ports is that they often rip out a perfectly good control scheme just to haphazardly throw in a keyboard and mouse control scheme.  Sometimes it works, but most of the time it doesn

There is one thing that improving netcode, adding new textures, or rebuilding control schemes won How do you measure the value of a game with over 700 million hours logged?  That alone would justify a score of 100. How about the included editor to make any map you

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