Guitar Hero – Van Halen Review

There So if you As with any of the other Guitar Hero games, the sound quality for the song tracks is excellent.  After learning their lesson with the Guitar Hero Rocks the 80 Another issue that plagues this game is the controls

The developers stuck with the tried and true gameplay method of having individual note highways for each player, and having the players match the gems as they fall down the screen.  This has worked well for every other music game out there, and should be familiar to gamers who have played any of these titles.  Neversoft also stuck with the usual career mode implementation, where you start off with a limited number of songs available to play, and as you complete the tracks you earn anywhere from one to five stars, based on how well you do.  You also earn cash based on your performance, and that money can be used to purchase clothing, instruments and various other upgrades.


Some of the nice things that were done in this game were the inclusion of the Song Facts and lyrics for each of the songs.  You won As part of the promotions leading up to the release of Guitar Hero 5, one of Activision

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