Guitar Hero Review

Guitar Hero came out in November of last year.  Why, you might ask, am I bothering to review a game that is almost 8 months old?  Because Guitar Hero is quite possibly one of the best music simulators I

Similar to a Dance Dance Revolution game, you really don In any music simulator, the sound and music is the heart of the game. Nowhere is that more true than in Guitar Hero. Wavegroup Sound produced the music and vocal recordings for the game, and unlike many other music simulators, these are excellent songs. There are over 45 music tracks, the vast majority being classic axe-grinding metal. These include Cowboys from Hell, Fat Lip, Bark at the Moon, Higher Ground, You

While you could technically play Guitar Hero on a standard PS2 controller, it would be a colossal waste of time in comparison to rocking out with the included axe.  You might get through the tracks on easy using the standard controller, but you

The setup for Guitar Hero is simple

There are a total of 47 songs in the game.  You can even play it multiplayer if you shell out the cash for a second guitar.  Normally, games with custom controllers would get the wary eye from me rather than a recommendation, but this is the type of game that you can

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