Guitar Hero Metallica Review

There are plenty of heavy metal bands out there.  Slipknot, Testament, Slayer, Bathory, Carcass, Sepultura, Meshuggah, Cannibal Corpse, and Danzig to name a few, have found a great deal of success, but few have had the staying power of Metallica.  Kicking off their multi-decade run in 1981, Metallica has risen to incredible commercial success, selling more than 100 million albums total, making them the fourth highest-selling music artist of all time.


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The most noticeable from Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is the improvement in graphics and motion captures. Aerosmith only had Steven Tyler

As with any music title, the track list is key.  As I mentioned, there are a total of 49 tracks with 28 tracks from the namesake and 21 songs from their personal favorites.   Some of my personal favorites are Orion, Sanitarium, One, Master of Puppets, Queen The controls in Guitar Hero: Metallica are largely dependent on the instrument of choice.  No real gameplay changes have occurred beyond the inclusion of the Expert+ option in Guitar Hero: Metallica, so there is little to talk about.  You’ll still be using the open note on guitar, you’ll still be using double-cymbal hits to activate star power, and you’ll still have plenty of opportunity to scream it out on the mic as you have in the previous game.  The inclusion of the double bass is pretty huge.  For non-drummers, this may introduce elements of panic as now the thing that scares you the most just multiplied.  For the drummers amonst us, this is a welcome friend.  Those songs that blow out your calf can now be managed a little better, and the more difficult challenges of later songs might just be reachable.  Your mileage may vary given your already-present skill level, but for me it feels just right.

You know exactly what you are getting into here if you played Guitar Hero: Aerosmith.  You

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