Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Review

The video game industry was rocked when it was announced that the developer and publisher of Guitar Hero were going their separate ways through buyouts.  Red Octane was bought out by Activision, while developer Harmonix was bought out by MTV Games.  The big question was which developer would develop the next game in the Guitar Hero franchise and what would be coming next from Harmonix.

When Activision announced that Neversoft would be taking up the reigns of Guitar Hero III, many scratched their heads wondering if the Tony Hawk developer would be up to the task.  While they had acquired excellent music tracks for the Tony Hawk games, developing Guitar Hero for several different platforms could be difficult for the design team.  Now Guitar Hero III is out, but does it rock?

When the Guitar Hero games were never graphical powerhouses, they didn

For Guitar Hero III, Neversoft got the opportunity to use the master tracks for certain tracks, and it really shows.  The songs sound much better than some of the tracks from the previous Guitar Hero games.  There is no doubt that this is the best sounding Guitar Hero game.  Unfortunately, it

The biggest draw of Guitar Hero III is the Les Paul guitar.  The style of the guitar is classic and should get fans of those who didn

When you boil down the gameplay of the Guitar Hero series, it isn

There are four difficulties of the game, and each difficulty level increases the challenge by adding a few new items to challenge the player.  Those who have felt the previous games were too challenging should have a little easier time to get through the higher levels.  That being said, you still will have quite a challenge to get through the Expert difficulty.

After each song you complete in Career Mode, you gain cash for the store.  Here you can purchase new characters, new songs, and new outfits.  It will take a while to unlock everything available in the game.

Online you can challenge others to see who rocks harder in competition.  Each player plays a couple of strains and the Rock Meter sways between who is playing better.  At the end of the song the one with the Rock Meter on their side wins.  You can also play cooperatively where one person plays lead and the other plays bass.  This is a great way to play together.

What really brings down the score is the backwards compatibility.  Since the PS3 is backwards compatible with PS2 games (unless you recently purchased the castrated 40 GB version), I figured I would put my original Guitar Hero game into the PS3 and see how it played.  Unfortunately I couldn

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