Guitar Hero II Review

Guitar games have been successful in Japan, but very few companies have been brave enough to try them in the United States.  Despite the fact that everyone I know plays the air guitar, it wasn

Guitar Hero didn

The heart of any music title is obviously the song selection.  Guitar Hero came to the table with 47 songs that were covered pretty well by members of Harmonix, their bands, and various other hired talent.  This time around we are treated to an incredible 64 songs, 40 of which are licensed, but this time there is a difference

Guitar Hero came with a pretty sweet brown colored Gibson SG guitar to use for the game.  Guitar Hero II can be purchased with a brand new red Gibson SG guitar pack-in, or separately for those who already have all the guitars they need.  The new guitar is exactly like the previous one, but in red, so you know what to expect.  This also means that the strap can

How do you follow up a game that received such critical acclaim from anyone who has played it?  There is an incredible amount of pressure to deliver more songs, better cuts of the tracks, and a more organic approximation of playing a real guitar.  Well, the first step has to be listening to fans, and Harmonix and RedOctane were listening intently. 

Taking the best parts of Guitar Hero, including the funny High School themed humor, and keeping them, while polishing and improving what didn

I mentioned that the humor from Guitar Hero had made its way across to the sequel.  This is readily apparent when you open the manual.  Rather than going with the notebook style like the previous game, this one is set up like a magazine, complete with an interview with Axel Steel, letters to The Grim Ripper, who acts as Editor-in-Chief, sidebar information, advertisements for other bands, and a retrospective on unlockable rocker Clive Winston. 

Speaking of unlockable rockers

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