Guitar Hero II Review

Most of the time people look at game ports as a bad thing.  X version for the PS3 and 360 look great, but Y version for the PS2 is a visual horror with shoddy framerate.  This has been the way of things since the launch of the Next-Gen systems as developers and publishers are so loathe to stop developing for the venerable PS2 platform.  The results usually aren

When I reviewed Guitar Hero II for the Playstation 2 I scored the graphics in the mid-80s range.  While progressive scan helped greatly, the game was still somewhat jagged with a lot of fine details lost in the mix.  The stylized caricature-esque models present in the game are brimming with small details that aren

The heart of any music title is obviously the song selection.  Guitar Hero came to the table with 47 songs that were covered pretty well by members of Harmonix, their bands, and various other hired talent. Guitar Hero II on the PS2 brought an incredible 64 songs, 40 of which were licensed with two of them coming from the original artists. For the Xbox 360 version, Primus and Jane

Guitar Hero on the Playstation 2 came with a brown colored Gibson SG guitar.  Guitar Hero II on the Playstation 2 came with a shiny new red Gibson SG guitar.  Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360 on the other hand comes with a completely redesigned white axe sporting a shiny USB connector. (More on that connector later)  This new guitar has several improvements over both the aforementioned Gibson guitars, the first of which is a centrally located strap peg.  This means that you can easily lefty-flip the guitar and hand it to your (backwards) lefty friend and let him play without sacrificing comfort or balance. 

Another area that was improved on this new guitar is the fret system.  I

In my PS2 review of Guitar Hero II I asked how you follow up on a game that received so much critical acclaim.  The answer is

I mentioned that the humor from Guitar Hero had made its way across to the sequel.  This is readily apparent when you open the manual.  Rather than going with the notebook style like the previous game, this one is set up like a magazine, complete with an interview with Axel Steel, letters to The Grim Ripper, who acts as Editor-in-Chief, sidebar information, advertisements for other bands, and a retrospective on unlockable rocker Clive Winston. 

Speaking of unlockable rockers

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