Guitar Hero 5 Review

2009 has been quite a year in the Guitar Hero universe.  Starting with Guitar Hero: Metallica in March, we also had the chance to see Guitar Hero: Smash Hits in June, Guitar Hero 5 (GH5) arrives in September, and looking down the road just a bit we should have Guitar Hero: Van Halen in December!  That

Graphically, Guitar Hero 5 has made a huge stride forward.  No longer are we subjected to the evil Muppet look of the previous Guitar Hero titles.  Even as recently as Guitar Hero: Metallica, which had excellent and extensive motion capture work done for it, the characters on screen still had the look of puppets created by a dark and angry god.  On the other hand, the new Guitar Hero 5 characters all look great with even better interaction between the band members, more believable lip-synching with the songs, and playing to the audience realistically.  As I When it comes to music games the sound quality and track selection are what matter most, and once again Guitar Hero 5 comes through in a big way.  While the original Guitar Hero was almost exclusively comprised of classic rock tracks, the latest entry continues the trend of broadening your musical horizons by including a much wider array of styles to choose from.  From Motley Crue

The control options in Guitar Hero 5 haven

What really makes Guitar Hero 5 stand out from previous titles in this series are all the little touches; things that gamers have been asking for that have finally been implemented in the game.  For example, we are finally able to see individual difficulty ratings for each instrument in the song.  Prior to GH5 it was easy enough to look at a difficult song, like Rush

A large part of the replay value of any music title is the number and variety of musical tracks that are available to play.  Guitar Hero 5 starts off well with an excellent spread of musical genres that it covers, and you

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