Green Day: Rock Band Review

Green Day, despite most thoughts to the contrary, did not start with their breakthrough album Dookie.  In fact, Green Day had put out two albums before they saw critical success in 1994.  Sixteen years, three AMAs, two ASCAP Pop Music Awards, six Billboard Music Awards, four Grammies, and many more awards later, Green Day has managed to sell over 22 million albums in the United States alone.  When compared to a band like Rush, who

Similar to what we saw in last year

The Beatles: Rock Band featured several venues including the Cavern Club, Ed Sullivan Theater, the Abbey Road recording sessions, a performance on the Apple Corporate office, some imaginary landscapes, and even a crazy trip to the world of the Blue Meanies to round out their incredible career.  With Green Day: Rock Band we are only given three venues

Rock Band: Green Day was handled by Demiurge Studios

Mechanically, Green Day: Rock Band is surprisingly lacking.  A great many of the tracks utilize the same riffs, strum patters, and drum rhythms.  In fact, I found myself fairly bored throughout the roughly 2.5 hour run-time it took to complete all of the tracks

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