Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Review

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It is impossible to understate how much detail is packed onto this little DS card. By the nature of the hardware, the game shouldn

The sound of gunfire, car crashes, explosions, and more all deliver a solid amount of oomph. That by itself would be reason enough to be excited, but Rockstar also threw in a slew of oddball one liners just perverse enough to tickle my inner 13-year-old. Who wouldn

The controls are deceptive at first because initially they appear to be overwhelming. The top screen shows the game world while the touch pad shows your map, and PDA information. All this is fine by itself, but once you click the map or the PDA option you enter a whole other world, one that is nothing but detail intensive. This is where it initially appears to be a labyrinth from which even Theseus couldn

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If ever there was a game filled to the brim with “win” it would be Chinatown Wars. The narrative may not be the most propulsive, but practically everything there is to do in the game (and there is a lot) is extremely fun. Even the races, which admittedly can frustrate, are fun to master. The extensive amount of mini-games alone could keep a gamer occupied for hours on end, and half the fun is finding a mini-game where you least expect one.


Rockstar went all out on this and their efforts have delivered a remarkable achievement that will cast a long shadow over future DS titles.

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