Gradius Collection Review

Back in the days of the arcades, you had rather simple games.  Games mostly consisted of fighters, racers, and side-scrollers, with a few other games mixed in there.  Arcades are mostly memories of the past now, and those who remember playing in those arcades have a lot of nostalgia regarding the games that populated the arcades.  When you think of shooters, games like Space Invaders and Galaga often come to mind.

Shooters evolved so that your environment moved along with your ship.  A lot of these games were popular on the 16-bit consoles.  Contra, Axelay, and R-Type were a few of the side-scrolling shooter series to really take advantage of the 16-bit consoles.  Gradius is another side-scrolling shooter that shined during the 16-bit era.  Now a compilation of the Gradius games is here for your PSP in Gradius Collection.

Scoring graphics in a compilation like this is always a tricky situation because most of these games are a bit old and really pushed the hardware available for the time.  What

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I am admittedly a fan of shooters.  If you like shooters, you will love this game.  If you don

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