Glory of the Roman Empire Review

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears.  The Roman Empire stood as one of the greatest powers in the world.  For years, no one dared challenge the power of the Roman Empire.  Such a powerful force in the world gave the world a great peace since no one was foolish enough to challenge their superior army.

Such a large empire couldn

GotRE has some impressive graphics.  The game is fully 3D, so you can zoom in and out, as well as rotate the map.  From far away, you can get a general idea of what your city looks like.  Zooming in gives you a close-up look at how your citizens and slaves are moving about the city conducting their daily lives.  The citizens and slaves walk around running their errands and working at their job.  The textures have a nice amount of detail when zooming in, helping to make the city come alive.

When you start a new level, you see a picture of the city while getting a brief overview of your objective.  When the overview has completed, the picture fades and you see the actual placement of the buildings in your city.  This is a nice touch for your transitions.

A lot of the buildings look similar to each other, even though they have different functions.  This is frustrating, especially when you enter a new city and you aren

The music of GotRE sounds like something you

Most of the game can be completely controlled using the mouse.  Moving to the edges of the screen moves the camera, while scrolling the mouse wheel zooms in and out on the map.  Hitting the middle mouse button should allow the screen to rotate as you move the mouse.  However, because hitting my middle mouse button would go to the next program, this method didn

GotRE is different in that it is strictly a RTS city-building game like Sim City and City Life.  However, the game follows more in the footsteps of the Caesar games from the now defunct Impressions.  Set during the Pax Romana, you are in charge of a city, creating jobs for citizens, and keeping your people happy.

Each level in the main campaign has a certain number of objectives to complete.  Sometimes it is having a certain number of farms with a certain number of homes, while some are to build a certain number of structures, or another is to prevent buildings from being burnt down.  These are all straightforward and you can bring them up from the quest menu.

The biggest part of the game is managing resources.  The number of resources is absolutely staggering.  Wood, wheat, pigs, clay, olive, iron, gold, and fish are just some of the resources you

GotRE is a short game, and a lack of addition modes besides the Campaign Mode drags the replay value of the game.  There is a Challenge Mode where you are given four missions at random with specific restrictions.  If you complete them successfully, you are given a score that determines how good of a governor you are.  This scare is then uploaded to the company

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