Ghostbusters Review

Nostalgia is a funny thing. Beloved childhood memories occupy a special place in our hearts for the very reason they make us feel good about a particular subject. Where things get tricky is when we revisit those glory days and realize that what we fell in love with may not exactly hold up as well as we remember.


Fortunately, the original Ghostbusters deserves its status as a film classic. This was one among many gems released in 1984 (along with Beverly Hills Cop, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Romancing the Stone, and Gremlins) and I grew up able to quote it start to finish. I recently rewatched it and right from the start, I smiled. And I kept smiling too because Ghostbusters is a film that not only rewards multiple viewings (for example, I

“You know it’s just occured to me that we have never really had a completely successful test of this equipment.”


After the shock of just how good the game is wore off, I became aware of a few nits worth picking. For starters, even on normal it seems too easy for ghosts and your own teammates to knock you on your back. Granted, a blast from an unlicensed nuclear accelerator right to the face won

Which brings up this point: Bring your A-game abilities because combat can be frenetic and confusing. Some times it is pretty straight forward, which is why this isn

That being said, I

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