Generation of Chaos Review

Only a few strategy RPGs have graced the market lately, and most of those have been done by Nippon Ichi.  Fans of the genre have been lucky to have titles like Disgea: Hour of Darkness, La Pucelle: Tactics, and Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome. However the PSP has gotten a strategy RPG from an unlikely source, Idea Factory.  Idea Factory

Strategy RPG

The music in Generation of Chaos is fair, but it Control of the game is simple enough since most of the game is menu-driven.  Using the D-pad or analog nub you highlight the menu options.  Selecting an option is done by pressing the X button, while hitting Circle cancels the current option.  Using the L and R button changes the camera on the screen.  Anyone familiar with this style of game shouldn

Generation of Chaos is a complex game.  While this might sound like a good thing on the surface, if the game doesn

Generation of Chaos has a lot of replay value to it.  The campaign has two ways to advance.  You can move the story along chapter by chapter by defeating a single enemy.  You can also do a

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