Gears of War Review

Thinking back to E3, I recall hearing Cliffy B. talk about Gears of War.  It was infectious watching him describe the game, and it was clear to me that he was excited to take the new Unreal 3 engine out for a drive.  The gameplay looked fast, furious, visceral, and gory as Hell.  The use of cover coupled with the Unreal 3 engine looked like it would knock our socks off.  What I didn

The Unreal Engine 3 powers Gears of War.  Looking back a few years I recall footage of the engine and remarking that it couldn

As I sit here and write this review, I

The controls for Gears of War appear to be the standard fare for a third person action title, and for the most part they are.  The left and right analog control movement and looking around, with R3 toggling a zoom function if your weapon supports it.  The left trigger allows you to aim, and the right trigger fires your weapon.  The left bumper shows you objectives and your position relative to your team, as well as allowing you to issue basic commands to your team.  The right bumper is used for your active reload functions, which we

The crew at Epic has never disappointed me with one of their games

The single player game for Gears of War clocks in at roughly 9 hours.  To beat it on Insane will cost you a lot more deaths and will probably bump that number to 12 hours for that second run.  Playing through it again with a friend in co-op mode will once again add to that amount respectively.  After all that, you still have the multiplayer to talk about.  Gears of War may not be the longest game, but it is packed to the point of bursting with content that will likely have you coming back multiple times.  Very few games can make that claim!

The multiplayer in Gears of War comes in a few flavors

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