Gangs of London Review

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Your characters in GoL have a distinct look to them depending on which gang you are fighting for.  The Zakharov gang looks a bunch of thugs, the Steele Associates look like businessmen, while the EC2 Crew has a Jamaican bent to them.  Their outfits also reflect that difference.  There isn

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While on foot, movement is handled with either the D-pad or the analog nub.  X fires, Triangle performs an action, and Square moves in and out of stealth mode and reloads your weapon when held down.  Circle brings up a tactical menu that selects actions using the D-pad.  Hitting R lets you strafe and move into an aiming mode.

Driving is done similarly.  Steering is done with the D-pad or analog numb.  X accelerates and Square brakes and goes into reverse.  Circle honks the horn.  Triangle exits the vehicle.  R uses the handbrake and lets you turn ninety degrees quickly or pull a full one eighty quickly.

The controls do take some getting used to.  Since you don

Gangs of London emphasizes the

Each campaign lasts a while, as you have several missions to complete on the map to take over the city.  With five gang campaigns to play through, you aren

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