Gallop Racer 2006 Review

Gallop Racer 2006 has the dubious distinction of falling victim to a blas

Gallop Racer 2006 is surprisingly pretty during the races. The screenshots available do not quite do it justice so suffice it to say that visually the races are quite appealing. The horses and jockeys all have a fluid movement to them despite everyone only going in a semi-circle along the race track. It’s very nice to watch your jockey respond to the controls and, depending on how you ride your mount, he’ll hold the whip out before switching hands, or he’ll reign the animal in or flick it so it will run faster. As future installments move onto the next generation consoles extensive particle effects could be added to kick up dirt as the horses barrel down the track. This one obviously lacks that touch, but the races are fun to watch and partake in.

Otherwise, the majority of the game is menu driven. All of the statistics per animal or venue are broken down into a series of sub-menus and while they are easy enough to read, sometimes you have to squint to read the finer print. Whenever players open up the pedigree chart during the breeding stage (I can’t believe I just typed that) you see the animal up close and can look over their entire lineage. Next to certain points are icons with the legend at the bottom of the screen. There were a few combinations though that weren’t on the legend, so I guess those represented a combination of traits. Do not worry about missing many details on screen. The menus are, for the most part, well laid out. If you’re looking for something then it is there.

The sound effects are fairly basic in Gallop Racer 2006. The music is pleasant enough throughout the different menu screens, and the developers were thoughtful enough to have different music play during the different primary options. For example, different music plays while you

Users can swap between a few set control schemes in the Options menu so, for the sake of brevity, we

The first thing players get to choose from once they start the game is what mode they’d prefer to tackle first. The options are exploring Theme Park mode where you build a horse racing dynasty, Simulation Mode where players build their own races, Vs Mode which lets one player compete against a second, and Free Mode which lets gamers choose whatever elements they want all for the sake of running races. Each one of these is a time sink all by itself because Gallop Racer 2006 has a truly mind-boggling amount of customization options and information per element per horse or track. If players feel confident enough they can even make specific bets as to how they’ll place in which race.

I initially went with Theme Park Mode and went through the character creation for my jockey. Players get to choose from 20 plus shirt types and a variety of colors and patterns for the shirt, the sleeves, and the boots. I went with my alma mater

As with most sim/racing/stats-based games there is an almost infinite amount of replayability but only if you enjoy what you

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