Frontlines: Fuel of War Review

Gas prices seem to be going up with no end in sight.  You would think that people would be allowed to drill where oil deposits have been found and start research on alternative fuels, but that wouldn

Frontlines features the use of the Unreal Engine 3, making this shooter look very good.  The characters

The soundtrack in Frontlines features a guitar-laden metal soundtrack.  The soundtrack runs throughout the game constantly.  While it does have energy behind it, it can start to sound the same after a while.  It is nice to hear the soundtrack throughout the game as opposed to just in the menu or loading screens.

The weapons have sufficient punch behind them.  The smaller weapons give a small shot, but shooting a rocket launcher or exploding a C4 cartridge really makes you feel the resulting carnage.

There is a lot of voice acting in Frontlines.  Unfortunately, almost all of the voice acting is bad.  It feels very cheesy, but it doesn

Shooters come with fairly standard controls these days, and Frontlines is no exception. The left stick controls movement, the right stick aims, and pushing the left stick changes your stance from standing to crouching to prone.  Pushing on the right stick zooms your aim.  The right trigger and left trigger are your primary and secondary weapons fires, respectively.  Using A jumps, B triggers a melee attack, X interacts with objects, and Y changes your weapon.  The right bumper sprints, while the left bumper reloads your weapon or picks up a drone.  There are pretty standard while you are on foot.  The controls during the on-foot sections are tight.

The problems arise when you try to control vehicles, especially a turreted one like a tank.  If you thought controlling vehicles like the Warthog in Halo was difficult, don

Frontlines has you fighting as a soldier in the Western Coalition against the Red Star Alliance.  While the story is more unique than one army fighting another for supremacy, it really doesn

Frontlines continues the trend of short shooters.  You

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