Formula One 06 Review

Formula One racing is one of the first titles that we laid eyes on for the Playstation 3.  Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, specifically the Liverpool Studio, set out to create the most technical Formula One racing simulation possible, giving players the most visually stunning representation of the sport possible.  Since most race fans in the United States are NASCAR fans, they had an uphill climb ahead of them. Outside of the United States, millions (580 million by last count) of people worldwide were already F1 fans, and the sport has been gaining momentum in recent years.  Formula One generated $4 billion dollars in broadcast and licensing revenues in 2006 alone. The question remained

Formula One is about extreme speed, rocket turns, more speed, strategy, and a little more speed.  Well, it isn

A Formula One car has a distinct sound to its engine.  It also has a distinct sound when it pulls past you.  This high pitched whine is accurately represented in the game, giving the Doppler Effect zoom as you drive under overpasses.  You can hear your tires gripping the pavement as you roar around a corner.  The attention to detail with track sounds only gets better when you add your race team and the commentary.

James Allen from ITV (or at least it sounds like him) handles commentary for the game.  He

Controlling a Formula One car as you scream through corners is a lot like watching the guy next to you tromp on the gas to run at top speed to the next red light.  Unlike NASCAR, there are many twists and turns involved in navigating a Formula One racetrack.  The controls for Formula One couldn

Real life Formula One racing is difficult.  In fact, there are only 22 drivers who are qualified in the entire world, each one granted a

The value of this game as a simulator is hard to state.  If you are looking for the most realistic and only officially licensed Formula One racing title, then you don

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