Ford Bold Moves Street Racing Review

Usually car companies don Ever wonder what a high resolution PS1 game might look like?  This is probably the best example of what the game might look like.  As you drive through the streets you get generic buildings that all look similar.  The trees all look the same.  The lamp posts all look the same.  The backgrounds are all rather bland.

This wouldn Ever wonder what it might be like to race mopeds in a video game?  Well, that is pretty close to what the cars sound like in FBMSR.  You do hear the cars rev up and switch gears, but there isn The controls are a bit different from other racers.  The default setup has you steering with the left analog stick.  Acceleration and braking can be done with X and Square or by pushing up and down on the right analog stick, respectively.  Triangle lets you change your view.  L1 shows the rear view, and R1 activates the handbrake.
There are also a few team orders you can give in race.  The L2 and R2 commands let you select your vehicle and call for either a team block or a team draft.  Circle cancels the team order.  You can also switch which team vehicle you are driving by hitting up or down on the D-pad.
Do you notice any commands missing?  If you said to yourself, “I can

When you start the game you get the options of Quick Race, Team Racing, Solo Racing, Multiplayer, Options, and Profile.  Quick Race lets you get into the action and run a single solo race.  Solo Racing lets you race a single race or race in a series of races in the Championship option.  Multiplayer lets you play against another person in split-screen.

The Team Racing option has a few more options behind it.  Here you race with a team against another team.  You can participate in a single Team Race, a Team Championship which is a series of races, Challenges that test your driving skills to win credits, and Tutorials to learn the basics behind team racing.

Once you select the type of race, you can set the number of AI opponents, number of opponent teams for team races, the opponent type and whether or not they use the same car as you, the difficulty, and the number of laps.

The different options are sparse for the game.  It doesn

There are eighteen cars in the game, and they are all made by Ford.  If you are a big fan of Ford cars, then you might appreciate the cars in the game.  If you want more variety though, you should look elsewhere.

The box says that there are 24 courses, but some of those are the same course driven backwards.  You aren

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