Football Mogul 2007 Review

Football Mogul 2007 puts you in charge of your favorite NFL team!

Do you have what it takes to win the Super Bowl? Football Mogul gives you a chance to call the shots. With full control over your team’s roster and finances, you must negotiate contracts and trades needed to assemble the best players. Football Mogul’s new play-by-play engine gives you complete control over your team during the game. Choose plays that accentuate your team’s strengths and exploit mismatches.

The top half is the roster for each team and their stats for the game. Between those is the field and ball There was no sound other than the Windows Pop-up Mainly you click the screen with your mouse to choose a play, or get some details on a player. Everything else is covered in the Menu bar with various Ctrl+* shortcuts. There were a lot of these, but they did work when you remembered. I was disappointed by the lack of audible options when I realized the Defense called a very good formation against me, and I couldn

There is no multiplayer option, and that I am a sports fan. This is more of a business simulator. For a budget title this will keep you busy for a while. Unless the financial angle is very crisp, and given the small number of dollar variables you can affect I am not sure how it is, this is simply not going to stay in the CD-Rom drive for long. 

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