Final Fantasy XII: Return to Ivalice Review

The name

The Final Fantasy series is well known for their stunning movie sequences.  The movies in the game are some of the best CGI sequences this side of Pixar Studios.  They draw you into the world of Ivalice, making the kingdom of Dalmasca a real place.  The different inhabitants of the land move realistically through the streets, each having their own swagger.  The airships fly through the sky, rotors propelling the ships, hovering for an instant before swooping down towards its prey.

The in-game graphics might not look quite as good as the movie sequences, but they still look good.  The characters are well-rendered.  They move fluidly while running without looking awkward like you might see in some other RPGs.  The clothing on the characters isn

When you first put in the FF12 disc and the game loads, you can instantly tell that this is a Final Fantasy game.  The melodic chimes move up and down the scale while female voices sing in the background.  Trumpets and other instruments are slowly added until the brass section and drums bring dark overtones to the theme.  Finally a ray of hope is brought with a bright melody.  The brass supports the string sections.  While the theme might not be as good as other Final Fantasy themes, it still has a majestic Final Fantasy feel to it.

The voice acting in Final Fantasy X really bugged me.  In particular, I felt that the voice of Tidus didn

The controls for FF12 are relatively simple.  Movement is done with the left analog stick, while the right analog stick changes your viewpoint.  Menu selections can be made with the left analog stick or the D-pad.  Triangle brings up the Party Menu and X brings up the Battle Menu.  To flee an enemy, you need to hit R2 and then use the left analog stick to actually run away.  Once you are locked onto an enemy, you can use the L2 key to lock onto that enemy and circle strafe it.

The controls aren

FF12 starts out with a siege on the kingdom of Dalmasca.  The King has agreed to sign a peace treaty with the Archadia Empire that would allow them to occupy Dalmasca.  However, as you go through the tutorial to warn the king of the incoming invasion, the King of Dalmasca is assassinated and your character is killed during the siege.  That

FF12 includes a large number of hours of gameplay.  It wouldn

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