Fight Night Round 3 Review


It is appropriate that we start off with the graphic section, as it is the aspect that got the greatest overhaul for this title.  It is obvious that EA Canada spent countless hours on squeezing as much as possible out of the Xbox 360.  The gloves have a leather grain to them, and the tape holding them tight looks striated and wrinkled from being packed and pulled taut.  Similarly, the boxers are well detailed.  They sweat and breathe heavier as they suffer the effects of fatigue.  The muscular detail is stunning as well

I know it is normally taboo to talk about another game in a review, especially from another company, but I have to say this: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion has 50 hours of speech recorded for the game.  50 hours!  So somebody explain to me why I have to hear the ring announcer say the same crap over and over ad infinitium ad nauseum?  Joe Tessitore makes my head hurt

EA introduced Total Punch Control with the Fight Night series.  You can use the face buttons to control your boxer, but you can

One thing I really like in modern sports titles is the inclusion of a franchise mode, or a career mode.  In Fight Night Round 3, you get to bring up a new boxer and help them fight their way to the top.  Your early fights will be against complete nobodies, but they do set the stage for some later rivalries.  One particular fighter, a bald guy named Black Mamba was fairly insistent on fighting me over and over again.  Our first fight was a round 1 knockout, and the second and third fights only lasted into round 2.  It is cool that these rivalries exist, but it would have been nicer if something more had been done with it.  Granted, one fight breaks out outside the ring thanks to this rivalry, but ultimately it is a fairly shallow affair likened to knocking down just another pin in the bowling alley.

As you work through your career, you earn fairly small purses that eventually begin to lead to larger paydays.  Sometimes there is a bonus if you can knock your opponent out in a certain round, win by decision, or throw the fight in a certain round.  I couldn

If you have Xbox Live and can play against other fighters online, this game is absolutely worth the purchase.  The offline modes serve to train you for the real deal

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