Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake Review

Fat Princess was originally released on PSN last fall and was, by all accounts, a surprisingly fun little title (our own Mike Escobar gave it an 82%).  With its minimalistic graphics and rapid-fire gameplay, it seems like a game that would be the perfect fit for a handheld platform.   I’m happy to report that for the most part, it made the jump to Sony’s handheld very well, albeit with some rather large caveats.

Presentation-wise, Fat Princess:  Fistful of Cake really is a charming game.  Cheery Saturday morning cartoon-style graphics, an absolutely hilarious narrator, funny tips during loading screens, and a Danny Elfman-esque soundtrack round out a truly fantastic sense of style.  Everything from castle walls to lava streams to blood splatters are crisp and clear, look fantastic, and you In terms of control, Fat Princess couldn In most respects, FP: FoC plays exactly like its big brother console version.  You take charge of a single minion in either the red or blue base, and play in a multitude of game modes An additional layer of strategy involves picking up random pieces of cake scattered across the map and feeding them to the opposing princess to make her fatter, hence the title.  The fatter the princess, the slower the enemy will be able to carry her back to their base, but the fattening effects of the cake wear off rather quickly (ah, if only that were true in real life).  So do you focus time on making sure the princess remains well-fed and difficult to move, or do you attack the enemy with a vengeance and try to steal your princess away in a hurry?  Add in defensive gates, catapults that can fling both players and/or bombs clear across the map, decoy princesses that explode, and an enemy that is trying to do unto you what you Unfortunately, the AI in the single player game isn

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