Far Cry Instincts Predator Review

Crytek practically blindsided the gaming industry with Far Cry for the PC.   While the industry was preparing for the visuals of Doom 3 and Unreal Tournament 2004, Crytek proved that you don

The graphics for FCIP are impressive

A stereo sound system really enhances the sound of the game.  The positional audio is used to great effect.  Listening to an enemy gives away their position.  At times I felt like looking over to the side to see who was there when I was listening to an enemy talk to a cohort.  Because of the density of the environment, using sound is a better way to find out the positions of the enemy.

The voice acting is done well.  Jack likes to make wise cracks all the time, which helps give him more personality than

While some console shooters have made the controls simpler for the amount of work they do, FCIP actually has a fairly complex control scheme that they use.  The left analog stick is used for movement and clicking causes a stance change.  The right analog stick is used for looking around and using the sight on weapons.  The left trigger throws objects depending on your inventory, while the right trigger shoots enemies and sets traps.  Pressing A jumps, hitting B does a melee attack, using X reloads your weapon, and hitting Y activates your feral abilities.  The right bumper toggles the weapons available to you use while the left bumper toggles projectile weapons available for your use.  The D-pad lets you use binoculars by pressing up, select special weapons by hitting down, choose your primary weapon by hitting left, and selecting the secondary weapon by right.

The controls work really well, but there are some issues.  Since several of the buttons have more than one function, it might be more difficult for new players to get into the game certain buttons have more than one function.  Your stance has a lot of bearing on the game, so the controls for that are important.  However, you have to click in the left analog stick to do that, and it can be confusing which stance you

FCIP is a first-person shooter, and it has a large enough arsenal for one.  While you only start out with a butterfly knife, you are able to get handguns, shotguns, machine guns, and sniper rifles.  If you enjoy tossing weapons you can find hand grenades, pipe bombs, and Molotov cocktails.  Your arsenal is quite varied.

While you have plenty of contemporary weapons, you also have the ability to set traps for your unsuspecting victims.  Initially you can set up a branch whip around a tree to hit an enemy.  There is nothing sweeter than having an unsuspecting enemy walk into a trap and get whipped by the trap.  Eventually Claymores become available.  These fragmentation mines blow up when an enemy comes into close proximity of it.  Throwing rocks at unsuspecting enemies can lure them into the traps.

If this wasn

FCIP isn

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