Fable III Review

The Fable series has been an entertaining one since the original game on the Xbox back in 2004, because it was a game all about choice. Choose between being Good, Evil, or somewhere between. Choose between how you deal death to your opponents. Choose who your significant other is out of the vast population, or not. Choose if a random villager dies by your blade, or not.


While Fable had a focused plot to follow in order to beat the game, being able to choose how you went about saving the world (or enslaving it) was up to you, and it’s what kept the game memorable. The sequel released in 2008 did the exact same thing, but expanded your options and moved development to the Xbox 360.


Now, two years later, Fable 3 has launched with much fanfare. Will it be the smash hit that Fable 2 was? As far as I’m concerned, all signs point to yes.

Overall, this is a game that’ll grab you and not let you go until you’ve finished it. There’s always a quest sitting in your journal, a citizen that needs to be talked to, money to be made, jobs to be run, buildings to repair, or any number of things to keep you playing.


One final note

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