Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Review

A friend of mine recently asked what criteria I used to justify my opinion on video games. He was miffed because my lengthy excoriation of GTA IV in no way matched his shining praise of it, or really any of the lavish praise heaped upon it by the media at large, yet the lone fact he was unable to reconcile was that my opinion was simply that: My opinion.

I told him it was quite simple. Since I

By this point, mocking the color brown in a Quake game is a moot point. Everything in the series universe is some variation on brown, grey, or black. It

Ahh, the sweet melancholy sounds of sniper fire, of Strogg war machines gently stomping across the ground, of rockets lazily blasting through the air… and all the while you

The controls are pretty basic as this is after all a first-person shooter. Use the thumbsticks to point your weapon in the direction of the bad guys and pull the trigger to take care of BLAM! Sniper again. Respawn back at the base. Fifteen seconds from now. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting some more.

While I

The gameplay for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars boils down to a simplistic theme: Kill them before they kill you. Simple, right? Both sides are given a set of objectives and through a mixed crew of soldiers, snipers, medics, engineers, and special forces, seek to push far enough into the enemy

If you

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