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Who doesn’t love a good set of headphones? I know I sure do. The EarFun Wave Pro ANC Wireless Headphones are just that – a reliable piece of equipment with some pretty incredible specs. Boasting a whopping 80-hour battery life, high resolution wireless audio output, noise canceling capabilities, and more, the Wave Pro Headphones pack a serious punch for such a fair price point. I didn’t know what to expect from a company like EarFun, but now I get it; they sure do understand how to put the fun in your ears.

The EarFun Wave Pros are compatible with essentially anything that features Bluetooth wireless connectivity, from PCs and Nintendo Switches to iPhones and Androids. Coming in at $80.00 USD, the headphones come with five things out of the box: the device itself, a USB-C charging cable, an AUX wired audio cable, a travel case, and of course, the user manual. Right off the bat you’ll notice how sturdy the travel case is. I can’t speak to the exact make of the case, but the material appears to be good quality, and it looks and feels like it is built to last. It is also a fair size, able to fit comfortably inside my backpack along with my laptop and a few other items. The case also fits neatly inside my suitcase for longer trips. When inside the case, I’m confident that the headphones are safe and sturdy in their specialized spot.

I appreciate that the Wave Pros come with an AUX cable for wired listening if need be. Though I didn’t have any trouble connecting to my iPhone immediately after taking them out of the box, it’s always nice to have a wired option if you need it. No setup is necessary here; just turn the device on, connect via Bluetooth, and start listening. Don’t you just love when your ears get straight to the action? It makes things so fun. The charging cable also does a great job. Charging from a fully empty battery took me less than a half an hour. That’s a pretty remarkable charge time if you ask me. And the battery lasts longer than the lifespan of a mayfly – approximately 80 hours. That is arguably the most impressive feature of this device. I’ve only had to charge once since opening the box.

So by now you’re asking “shoot, I wish my ears were having this much fun. How do they sound?” Utilizing 40mm DLC dynamic drivers, the EarFun Wave Pros have clear, powerful audio output that rivals brands like Apple and Steel Series. Believe me when I tell you that these headphones are some of the best I have ever used. I tested them out on my iPhone and PC with the majority of my time spent listening to music. Music hits hard with this device. A lot of sounds that other more expensive headphones do not pick up are on full display here, helping to deliver a comprehensive music-listening experience each and every time. I also listened to a few podcasts and videos with the Wave Pros. To nobody’s surprise, the sound was excellent. Voices are clear and easy to make out.

I was just as satisfied with how the Wave Pros excluded everything else from my ears as well. This device’s noise canceling capabilities are second to none, blocking out just about everything that isn’t coming directly from the right or left headphone. I was able to have the TV on at a decent volume and listen to music at the same time. In doing this I was not only able to fry my dopamine receptors but also concentrate on the music while watching the TV and working on the laptop. There is also a gaming mode which offers low latency sound for a responsive experience.

A problem I have with large pairs of headphones is how flimsy they can tend to feel when not adjusted on my head. Not so with the Wave Pros. Made from firm, durable plastic, I never felt like these would fall apart if treated a little rough. The individual headphones and the underside of the centerpiece are covered in cushioned material, meant to keep your ears and head comfortable. During short listening sessions, I was very comfortable when I adjusted the fit to my dimensions. However, if I have one complaint about the device, it is probably that it can be a bit uncomfortable after multiple hours. While this could very well just be the shape of my dumb head, I think it is worth mentioning.

The built-in microphone works fine as well. I tested it out by making a few phone calls and was able to keep a smooth conversation even when far away from my phone. There is also an EarFun companion app that allows for further customization and configuration as well as FAQs, guides, and more.

I can honestly see myself using these headphones for a very long time, and they will likely be my go-to headphones from here on out. Coming in at a tantalizing $80.00 USD, the EarFun Wave Pro ANC Wireless Headphones are nothing short of a steal. I was so satisfied with the Wave Pros that by the end of my first few hours with them I had to take a break since my ears were just having too much fun. No, I’m not done. Stop trying to put me in a box.



EarFun Wave Pro ANC Wireless Headphones

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The EarFun Wave Pro ANC Wireless Headphones are arguably the best bang for your buck you can get right now in terms of noise-canceling headphones. If you were to miss out on a device this good at a price point this fair, you better come to terms with your ears missing out on a ton of fun.

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