EA Sports MMA Review

While boxing and wrestling have been around for a while, MMA as a sports class is relatively new.  The popularity of it can

In EA Sports MMA, you start out with a tutorial called

If you decide to start a career, you can select your fighter

You get several weeks to train.  During each week you focus on a specific area of training.  They are clinch, ground, stand up, submission, and scouting.  Each training regimen has specific tasks that need to be completed to increase your stats in that area as well as increase your health.  These training steps take a week of game time to perform.  You can also perform some free training as well, which don

Then the clinch stance where both fighters are grappling each other.  You still have some punches and jabs, but they aren

Different fighters have different advantages.  Boxers will be better at the standing position, while wrestlers will be better at the ground position.  This causes the matches to feel slower than your typical fighting game.  I felt that it was more like a Chess match, managing your position and knowing the right time to go in for a takedown.


It also differs in the fact that you don

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