Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics Review

Dungeons and Dragons was a different kind of game when it was created.  Instead of playing with a board and dice, you played by creating characters and using your imagination to control the action as the

At first the graphics of D&D Tactics look good.  The hand-drawn character portraits are drawn with style that matches other fantasy artwork.  The different races and classes are represented.  Still, the number of portraits is rather limited since it feels like only one portrait fits with the characters you create.

The graphics in the game while questing look bad, even for a PSP game.  The characters don

Musically, the game has a medieval feel to it.  While going into dungeons the music takes a more ominous tone, while finishing a battle gives an upbeat tone.  The music isn There isn

The name of the game is D&D Tactics, and the main word in that title is Tactics.  The main portion of the game is combat.  If you enjoy combat in D&D, you will largely enjoy the game.  Tactics puts your party out on the battlefield, whether it The game has online multiplayer, but instead of playing cooperatively, all but one of the modes are competitive.  They all are different, but only slightly.  In the cooperative game you try to go through several levels of a dungeon together and survive until the end.  In Last Man Standing, you fight against the other party and the team that survives until the end wins.  In Dragon Kill both sides try to slay the dragon.  The team with the fatal blow to the dragon wins.  In Gladiator each team does combat in an arena against several monsters and the team that defeats the most monsters wins.  Also, because of how long it can take to take turns because it is turn based, matches can last a while.

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