Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Review

Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy have a sort of shared history between them. Both are RPGs, both started their respective trajectories at the same time on the NES. Both gained popularity in Japan and then made their way Stateside. Their respective companies, Enix and SquareSoft, eventually ended up merging together to form Square. However, while Final Fantasy had its breakthrough with Western audiences with Final Fantasy 7, Dragon Quest has only made its mark among hardcore RPG players.



This puts forth an interesting question: Is that a bad thing? Does a traditional JRPG like Dragon Quest need to evolve? Is there enough here to justify picking up Dragon Quest

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While your characters earn experience points in the traditional way, there

On top of that, you can connect to DQVC, Dragon Quest

OK, So Back To Game Stuff


There are a few flaws in Dragon Quest 9. For one, if you don

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