Dragon Age Origins: Awakening Review

Many games are jumping on the DLC bandwagon, but the concept of an

Welcome back, Warden


As you regain your much-lauded position as Commander of the Grey Wardens, you find yourself immediately embroiled in a battle to prevent Vigil

With the Darkspawn skirmishers rebuffed, your immediate concern is to bolster the defenses for Vigil

With the expanded skill list, you have to know there will be all new loot.  In fact, the Tiers go up to 9 now, giving access to some incredible new weapons and armor for all classes.  Although it doesn

Everything Old is New Again


Some of the issues with Dragon Age: Origins are present and accounted for here in the expansion.  The icons for your characters are still set off from the side of the screen, eating up precious screen space to accommodate a 4:3 aspect ratio instead of making it a floating object.   Similarly, there were audio problems where characters would talk but there was no audio, or they

The audio isn

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