DJ Hero Review

The first thing people tell you when you mention music videogames is that the genre is


The music is where this title really hits its stride though.  With over 100 different songs mashed up to create more than 80 different mixes, there is something for every fan of club music in here.  With the exception of the guitar mixes, nearly every track in this game is absolutely fantastic.  Part of the attraction to playing through the different songs is curiosity.  At several different points in the game I would see an upcoming set list and wonder

The first thing you notice about DJ Hero is the unique controller that comes with it.  Whether you purchased the Renegade special edition or just got the regular copy of the game, you


As with all music games, the amount of replay value is a reflection of how good the gameplay is as well as how well the developers support the game with new downloadable content.  The good news is that playing DJ Hero is absolute blast

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