Dissidia Final Fantasy Review

There have been few reviews I have approached with as much trepidation as Dissidia Final Fantasy.   On the one hand, I am an absolute sucker for anything Final Fantasy related

The problem, however, is that the last fighting game I was even remotely successful at was the original Mortal Kombat back on my Sega Genesis.  I simply don

Thankfully, Dissidia succeeds

The setup for Dissidia is the story of two gods, Chaos (evil) and Cosmos (good), that are eternally locked in a power struggle to control the universe.  While this struggle has always been balanced, the scales have finally begun to shift in Chaos

However, for those of us who have invested hundreds of hours into the FF series, it is truly a treat to see all these familiar faces again.  Every character is rendered in full 3D, and looks absolutely incredible.  I

Not content with simply knocking the character design out of the park, Squeenix also created 12 different fighting arenas based on the respective games.  You

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