Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness Review

The original Disgaea has developed a bit of a hardcore following.  The original game had a limited run and about the only place you could find it was Gamestop or EB Games because of how much of a niche title it was.  After word spread of how good it was and prices of used copies went up, eventually a reprint or two occurred and sold out quickly.  Because of this, Disgaea 2 had a much larger run and had wider distribution.  Now the PSP is quickly becoming a home for portable SRPGs, so it makes perfect sense that Disgaea would transition over to the PSP.

Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness (AoD) for the PSP follows Prince Laharl who is awakened by Etna.  Prince Laharl

The Disgaea series has never been known to be impressive graphically, and AoD is no exception.  Graphically AoD looks a lot like a late PSone game.  Because of the size of the screen, some of the characters actually look better.  The character sprites are detailed enough that you can tell the differences between characters on the screen.  There isn

The voice acting of the characters is top notch.  Prince Laharl sounds very immature and the over-the-top voice acting works well.  Even his cohorts have the right amount of whimsy and scheming behind them that gives the characters the right blend of personality.  A lot of this personality is lost during the battles though.  You

There isn

The Disgaea series has been about strategy while increasing the experience of your characters on the battlefield.  Instead of going into battle lined up in a row, you need to move your characters around the battlefield to engage them.  Position, range, and strength are all important in determining where you move your characters.

Before you go out to the battlefield you need to gather your army that you

AoD is essentially a port of the original Disgaea: Hour of Darkness for the PS2.  That means that a lot of the story has been rehashed from the original game.  Owners of the original game will probably want to take a look at it for a trip down memory lane.  It

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