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For over a decade now, there has been one title that has ruled off-road racing simulations on every platform from the original Playstation all the way to the PC.  That franchise is, of course, Colin McRae Rally.  Debuting on the Playstation and PC in 1998, Colin McRae Rally emulated the drivers, cars and tracks leading up to the 1998 World Rally Championship.  The series has come a long way since then, with the format and style of the game being updated in 2007 and the series simply being named Dirt.  Shortly after the release of Dirt, McRae was killed in a helicopter crash and rally racing lost one of its brightest stars.


DiRT 2 marks the first game in the series since McRae

When driving around the different tracks in DiRT 2, one of the first things you

The voice work in DiRT 2 is solid overall, with many of the big name stars providing the voiceovers.  Much of the commentary you hear while working your way through the single player campaign is provided by Travis Pastrana, who introduces new race types and locales, and lets you know when you gain a new level.  You heard that right

The controls for this game are pretty much standard, with R2 being accelerate, L2 for brake/reverse, and X for handbrake.  For those driving masters that can handle manual transmissions, the Square and Circle buttons let you gear down and gear up, and Triangle is used to look behind you.  Of course all these controls are customizable, so you can assign each of them to whatever feels most comfortable for you.  DiRT 2 also supports most major steering wheel accessories, including the full Logitech line of controllers.


By far one of the coolest features of this game belongs to the R1 button, which controls Flashback.  Pressing R1 enters instant replay, which is like a video recording of the race.  While paused like this, you can rewind the race to correct a mistake you

The single player campaign in DiRT 2 is an absolute blast to play, with loads of different race styles, vehicles and upgrades to buy, and the X Games to conquer.  You start off in your RV in Baja California, waiting for your first race to start.  The RV is one of the more creative ideas in the game, and acts as your base of operations as you participate in races around the world.  Inside the RV you can view what races and locations you have available, what trophies you

Unlike other racing games where many of the multiplayer race challenges are unique, DiRT 2 manages to have nearly every kind of race you can compete in with single player available as an online choice.  Codemasters also made the smart decision with dividing the online racing into casual and hardcore groups.  If you just want to take a spin around the track with some friends (or strangers) then jump right into the Jam Session portion of online play.  You can still earn XP and fame online, but it

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