Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed Review

It goes without saying that certain expectations are set with a video game
series the further along it progresses. Most of us who fall in love with a series have the misfortune of helplessly watching it degrade over time as repeated attempts to clone previous successes diminishes it. A copy of a copy of a copy if you will. We are ultimately left with only our original versions to remind us of a better time when the actions we put our favorite characters through were both new and exciting. It also goes without saying that any game featuring a
horny alien with a twitchy trigger finger and called Big Willy Unleashed
might have more than a few double entendres regarding anatomy hidden up its
pants leg.

Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed continues the series by
throwing Crypto and Pox in the 1970s where they continue living up to the title.
It seems Pox has discovered the notion of fast food and crafted a rather
lucrative side business with a Chips Big Boy knock-off as the mascot. Then the
first in a long line of spoofs rears its ugly head and once again Crypto has to
wipe the floor with the puny humans while enduring Pox

I was surprised to find the graphics lacked a certain punch. The city, farm, islands, and Vietnam were disparate in appearances to be sure, and I

The one area where the game truly nails it is in the voice acting. The script may not be up to the level of the previous installments, but the leading duo tear back into their roles with panache. Crypto is randier than ever and Pox is craftier, some might even say nastier, than ever. Their banter is certainly the reason to play this. Regrettably, it

The controls make terrible use of the Wii-mote which is funny considering the game is exclusive to both the Wii and the PSP. In order to turn either the saucer or the Big Willy mech, you have to hold the Wii-mote up then turn it in an arc. This is opposed to turning the camera as Crypto where you turn to either the left or the right and the camera pans around. This too is problematic because it will frequently go up or down when you absolutely do not want it to do either. Also, when you walk into a corner, just turn around with the nunchuk and walk backwards. When you try to pan the camera with the Wii-mote in those circumstances, it results in the camera being confused and either turning the opposite direction from the one you pointed at, or just going up or down and not turning at all.

By the way, all tests were performed by Yours Truly from a healthy distance while standing up and pointing directly at the sensor bar.

The nunchuk controls Crypto

I hate to be the one to say it but Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed is, um, small. That is to say it doesn

The novelty has worn off from this series so fans are left to wonder about the further adventures of Crypto and Pox. They should continue to wonder and ignore this half-hearted attempt to capture lightening in a bottle a third time because it fails to do so. The original voice actors are fantastic as usual, but the lines they rattle off sound like they

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