Dead Rising 2 Review

Dead Rising 2 is a lot like being in love

I went on at length but at some point I noticed I was talking to myself. For some inexplicable reason, the collection aspect of the first game never ensnared me.


While this bit of buffoonery is annoying, it isn

To the credit of the actors, they seem invested in their performances. Chuck is nicely underplayed throughout, yet he swiftly turns emotional and serious whenever he talks to or about his daughter. His interactions with his daughter are the crux of the story and if they didn

But aside from the less-than-impressive storyline, the real thrill is zombie killing and on this count Dead Rising 2 delivers in spades. Chuck can combine multiple items into an over-the-top arsenal that includes such delights as a laser sword, boxing gloves that either have blades strapped to them or are on fire, multiple variants of weapons involving a leafblower and whatever else is lying about, and so on. Duct tape for the win, indeed.

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