Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 Review

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Tecmo mastered the hardware of the Xbox to produce some of the most impressive visuals on that console.  That tradition has continued on with the Xbox 360.  DOAX2 is absolutely gorgeous, with some of the best visuals to appear on the Xbox 360.  The sandy beaches almost look like you would be able to step onto them and relax.  The trees scattered around provide shade.  A jungle paradise nestled within the island shows vines hanging down from the rock formations and trees.  The straw-roofed huts and umbrellas surrounding the pool add to the ambience.

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The intro music of DOAX2 should be familiar to anyone who played the original game.  It

DOAX2 is comprised of several minigames.  The most prominent game is volleyball.  Hitting the A button tosses the ball and hitting A again serves it.  Holding left on the analog stick or D-pad performs and underhand serve, holding right performs a jump serve, and not moving the D-pad in any direction performs a normal serve.  After you have served the ball, passing and setting is done with the B button, as well as tipping the ball over the net.  Hitting A spikes the ball on the other side of the net.  Hitting A also blocks spikes from the other side of the net with the correct timing.  While the controls are simplistic, it still feels like there are times when you don

After being subjected to a crazy cutscene of Zack raising his old resort island, you land on the island and choose a character and a partner.  Then you go about your fun for the day.  There are several different areas with different activities.

At the Marina you can compete in Marine Races.  Here you get on a Jet Ski and race against other players.  There is a standard jet ski, but you can purchase upgraded ones at the Sports Shop.  Course Buoys guide your way through the course, and passing through the correct side of seven consecutive Gate Buoys earns you another Turbo.  Ramps are scattered through the course, and throughout the race you can perform stunts.  Performing stunts give you bonuses that equate to Zach dollars.  This is an easy way to get money for purchasing items, especially if you don

DOAX2 has lots of different games, but that doesn

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