Dead or Alive 4 Review

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Team Ninja has been known for their excellent graphics for the Dead or Alive series and Ninja Gaiden games on the original Xbox.  Just when you thought they couldn

The music in DOA4 is very similar to what was found on DOA3.  You have your typical guitar rock at the selection screens, but each of the stages has their own music.  Outdoor stages have some type of mystical theme to them, while the more modern areas have similar music to the menus.  DOA4 isn

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DOA4 has the modes you would expect to find.  Story Mode has you select a single character and follows through a series of fights, so the term

Unlocking costumes for the characters has been a trademark for the DOA series, and DOA4 delivers in spades.  Some of the unlockable costumes are tributes to previous costumes in the DOA series, other costumes are completely new.  Fighting through the game also unlocks new characters that are available for multiplayer.  Unlocking costumes and characters can be done online or offline.

DOA Online lets you play with up to 16 different players.  There are six modes available in DOA Online: Winner-Stays, Tournament, Team Battle, Survival, Loser-Stays, and Kumite.  While most of these modes are self-explained, Kumite is similar to the previous games where a single player stays in and attempts to beat as many characters as possible.

For the Online mode you create an Avatar that can be customized.  Once you have your Avatar, you go out to the Lobby.  The Lobby is a bit trippy, but you can chat with other players here using voice or text-chat using the on-screen keyboard or a USB keyboard plugged into the Xbox 360.

When you play in a lobby, the mode is similar to an arcade machine.  You play in a certain order, and once you meet the exit requirements, the next person comes in.  You can also watch the match going on in your lobby during this time.  While this might be a long wait for 16 players in a single lobby, a smaller group can have a good time with a good balance between fighting and taking a breather.

As you fight, you gain Zack(Z) by winning matches.  This form of money is used at Zack

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