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A quick bit of research reveals that de Blob was actually a downloadable PC title made by some game design students.  They wanted to make a game conveying how the railroad station near Utrecht University in the Netherlands would look in 10 years.  The city loved it so much that they actually adopted the de Blob character as their city mascot!  THQ took notice and purchased the rights to develop a full game around the character.  Developer Blue Tongue Entertainment took the reigns and started immediately developing the game for the Wii, DS, and iPhone platforms.  With that much effort put in by so many people, it sets a pretty high bar for this title.  I got to take the prismatic ink blot for a spin a little early

The first thing you

As much as you might think that this game is all about the color and flash, it really and truly isn

Obviously, with this being a mouse and keyboard title originally, the first thing that the design team had to do was properly leverage the control scheme of the Wii.  Controlling de Blob uses both the Wii Remote and the nunchuck.  de Blob has no legs, and as such tends to slide like the aforementioned Gumby through the landscape.  Holding down Z locks you on to a nearby target, be it a transform engine, enemy, or can of paint.  A quick downward swing will send de Blob careening into that object to pick it up or crush it as necessary.

Shortly after the first level you

If you can categorize a game like this in any way, it

As a purely single player game, de Blob is a decent platformer fused with a fairly unique concept.  With plenty to collect and do, the only hitch here is that so much of it is the same.  The early levels are the worst offenders on this, with later levels mixing it up a bit more.

On the multiplayer side of things, you can play up to four players in a split-screen environment.  The modes pit players against each other in 9 levels that unlock through the single player game.  Here is a quick run-down:

– Paint Match reminds me of HORSE from the Tony Hawk games as players simply try to paint as many objects and buildings as they can in a three minute time span. 
– Blob Race is similar to Paint Match, but each building can only be painted once, and not everything can be painted. 
– Blob on the Run is a combination of Paint Match and tag.  The first player to grab paint can paint, and the other players try to chase him down.  Pouncing on their head steals the paint, and makes you

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