DarkStar One: Broken Alliance Review

The Privateer series, the Wing Commander series, X3, Elite, Freespace, Freelancer, Starlancer, and now DarkStar One (We can

Most missions start with an interface similar to that of Privateer.  You can check out the news, hit the terminal for story-level assignments, pick up escort missions, check your log book, consult your star map, hit the dockyard for ship upgrades, check your mail, and much more.  (for those who didn

A big portion of the

Sometimes the interface for DarkStar One is confusing and there is little explanation as to how to operate it.  For instance, the trade interface is accessed by hitting A and then using the D-Pad left and right to add or remove cargo.  It

The game does have a bit of energy management, but you won

There is a trading element to DarkStar One.  You can pick up goods from pretty much every location in the game and slowly drag them to the next system to trade them in.  Unfortunately this element is hard to justify as you

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