Dark Sector Review

Dark Sector has the distinction about being the first game that was announced for

When you first start Dark Sector, the action is all in black and white.  At first it seems like there is a malfunction with the graphics processing, but shortly into the game you the colors come back.  The environments are dark, but you almost expect that from a game with the name Dark Sector, but there are a few rays of sunshine in the game.  Outdoor environments are much brighter and vivid than others.  Inside buildings is rather dark and sets up some adrenaline-pumping surprises along the way.

Eventually you gain a power where you can control where the glaive moves.  When you do this, the camera focuses on the glaive.  The backgrounds blur during the glaive throw, making this almost feel cinematic.

If you were looking for variety in the enemies, you

Michael Rosenbaum from Smallville does the voice acting for Hayden.  He does a good job with the dialogue that he has.  Unfortunately some of the voice acting sounds like it might come from a B-movie.  The script could use a little work or else it goes a bit into the cheese factor.

Most of Dark Sector is surprisingly silent.  Occasionally ominous sounds are heard, but you

Movement is typical of a third-person perspective game, although there are a few differences.  Movement is controlled with the left stick while the right stick controls aiming.    The D-pad selects your weapon or other items in your inventory.  The left trigger gets a better aim and the right trigger to fire your weapon.  Since you can dual wield, throwing the Glaive is assigned to the right bumper.  The left  bumper throws a grenade if you have any.

Hitting A will enter into cover or let you sprint across the area.  Hitting B will use a melee or finishing attack.  Using Y will use the Glaive as a shield.  Hitting X reloads your weapon.  These work alright, but you won

The first couple of levels you use conventional weapons.  Then you end up getting infected with this toxin that the main bad guy named Mezner has acquired.  This causes your arm to get infected and form the Glaive.  The Glaive is what separates Dark Sector from other games.

Dark Sector has some similarities to Gears of War where you engage a certain amount of enemies, clear them out, and move to the next area.  You

Dark Sector is not a long game, but it

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