Cursed Mountain Review

You can usually count on two things when playing any survival horror game: 1. There will be zombies or some form of zombiefied person. 2. Most of the scares will come from the developers making things jump out at you. I



Cursed Mountain puts you in the role of an experienced mountain climber named Eric Simmons, who discovers his brother has gone missing while leading an expedition to find an ancient artifact at the summit of a mountain in the Himalayas. Eric quickly discovers that the towns leading up to the top of the mountain are deserted and have been cursed. The souls of the dead are roaming freely between the real world and Nirvana. The developers have done an excellent job creating a game world that truly makes you feel alone. The towns are deserted, the wind is howling, snow is blowing, and you feel 1000 miles from civilization even though you are standing in the middle of a small Sherpa village. It

The game In order to actually kill a ghost you have to either hit it with your pick axe or shoot it with your magical staff until it becomes weak, and then you have the ability to enter a first person viewing mode where you can activate a quick time event wherein you must move the Wii controller and nunchuck in the correct direction to kill the ghost. Most of the time the motion controls respond correctly, but for whatever reason the game has a difficult time detecting a forward thrust of both the Wii controller and nunchuck. If the game doesn



The main character also controls rather stiffly. His turning speed is slow and he is by no means nimble. The main character controls very much like any given character in a Silent Hill game. In this day and age that is just not good enough.


I always have high hopes for the visuals for games that are developed specifically for the Wii. It seems that if your only concern is getting the game running on one system, then you should be able to max out that system I will compliment the game for its sound. The developers could have very easily gone with stock generic moaning sounds for the ghosts and typical creepy voices mixed into the background, but they did not. Instead we do get the sound of wind blowing, and the main character often pants in fear, which pulls you into the atmosphere. The game is also fairly long with each level taking about an hour to complete and a total of 13 levels. If you rent this one you will probably have to keep it for a few days to get through it. Once the game is done, it is done though, as there is no multiplayer, hidden levels, or trophies.

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