Cross Edge Review

Have you ever played a game where your first impression of it was that you hated it, but for some reason you spent more time with the game and slowly started to appreciate it? Well I have played that game and it

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As I mentioned above, the gameplay in Cross Edge is incredibly deep.There are literally dozens of character that you have control of throughout the game and each one of them has their own unique powers and attributes. In battle you can use four characters at a time, but you are free to swap characters in and out throughout each battle. Each character has a pool of actions points that can be used and various attacks or spells that take up those action points. Using character skills in specific orders will create combination attacks which really up the damage done. The key to the game is to find out which characters create the best attack combos and then use them together to really slaughter the enemy. On top of that, each character has their own attack range which limits how close or how far they have to be from the enemy.


There is also an incredibly robust weapon, armor and item crafting system. If you kill an enemy with an

Progression through the game is mostly done by unlocking

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