Commandos Strike Force Review

The original Commandos came out for the PC when I was a senior in college. Fortunately for my parents, the Internet was no where near as impossible to live without as it is today so I was without my own computer. My roommate, on the other hand, had one that worked just fine. One day he stormed out of his room on the verge of screaming from frustration and I asked why he was so pissed.


It may be the conspiracy theorist in me but I

Someone at Pyro needs to take a course in how to integrate sound effects because the ones in Commandos Strike Force are weak. Not only are they weak, but they all sound the same regardless of how close you are to the source. For example, listen to the rumbling of a truck as it drives up and then drives away. Reload your game and listen to it while you


The best way to describe Commandos Strike Force is to imagine Garrett of Thief-infamy attacking the Nazis primarily using stealth while occasionally having no other option than the brute force approach. What surprised me the most was the heavy emphasis on the Spy character and how you will find yourself sneaking through a village that you initially anticipated attacking head-on. The marketing lead me to believe this was primarily an action game and while those sequences certainly exist, the game remains true to the original series by making the player think before they act. Run-and-gun will get you killed quickly so be prepared to use the wait-and-see approach instead. There were plenty of times when I would wait for five or six minutes just watching troop movements.

Switching between each of the commandos is pretty fun initially but sometimes it can seem like more trouble than it’s worth as you have to walk two or three of them through an entire map to get to the end. To spice things up a bit I would take the Spy over one route and then take either the Sniper or the Green Beret across a different path. Sometimes you need one soldier to clear an area so another (or both) can come in and finish the last half of the mission. But using the Sniper to clear a path and then the Spy to take out a Gestapo agent so I could take his clothes is a lot of fun. It seems like the only times I wasn

Commandos Strike Force has exactly two things that extend the game

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