Three is the magic number: Saints Row The Third preview

Last week we got to sit down with the latest build of the upcoming release from THQ and Volition Games- Saints Row the Third. Once again you’re the leader of a gang called the Third Street Saints which has risen to so much fame and glory by the time The Third starts, your crew is a multimedia sensation, with members shilling products, Hollywood making a movie, and innocent bystanders coming up to you during your various acts of crime asking for autographs.

You start the game off with- what else- a heist. Wearing giant Johnny Gat heads and with a hollywood method actor in tow, things go great until the little old lady behind the desk pulls out a gun- so much for that reputation! Between the heat-packing bank employees and the cops who show up way faster than they should, the situation goes south very fast, landing you and your cohorts in jail before long.

Check out the rest of the preview in the video below:



Professor Genki says: Check out our interview with Scott Phillips and some new screenshots too!

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