Once more in the feels with Hometown Story — E3 Preview


It’s not everyday you come across a game whose purpose is seemingly only to make the player feel something. Though it has always seemed Yasuhiro Wada, creator of the Harvest Moon games, has strived not only to make a game that may be fun to play, but to also make a game in which you feel something. His games have always boasted a cast of characters whose stories have always been the center of the game instead of focusing purely on the main protagonist, and his new game Hometown Story seems to improve upon this already functional formula.
Hometown Story is the story of a boy/girl who has been tasked with the revitalization of their grandmother’s old shop. Although the game may seem to be just another building simulator, it’s the townspeople, each with their own story and your progress of learning their stories, which truely sets this game apart. It’s how you interact with these townspeople, and which ones you decide to help or neglect, that determine what kind of shop you will have. There will also be times where you are faced with important decisions that may permanently effect your relationships with these people as well as the success of your store. The game also boasts the possibility of many different endings depending on how you play and is open enough so that you can play it however you want.

Hometown Story seems to be a game which is not just about making the biggest and best store but it’s also about the relationships you build with the characters who work there. Hometown Story will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS in Fall of 2013.

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